Vcare Journey

Hair loss is traumatic experience for both men and women. Vcare multispecialty trichology hair clinic is now the savior for people with all sorts of hair problems that include thinning hair, baldness, premature greying, dandruff, hair loss, scalp disorders and other hair related problems.

Vcare takes pride in providing the latest and high end techniques to overcome baldness and other hair related problems that comprises of best consultation, advanced diagnostics, and proven treatment strategies. The Trichological treatments offered at Vcare is not only best but first of its kind in India.

The back bone of Vcare is our founder Mrs. E. Carolin Praba, she is the first Trichologist in South India. She qualified herself by pursuing a course in Trichology from International Association of Trichologist, Australia. With rich experience and expertise she brings in the best treatments around the globe to help people with diverse hair problems.

The hair loss treatments deployed by Vcare have been developed in-house at its research and development center in Chennai. The specialized techniques and treatments offered to clients come after extensive research and various clinical trials. Therefore they are very effective and are bound to yield remarkable results. Vcare boasts that most of the hair treatments offered are herbal based. So the clients can be rest assured to get the safe and best treatments. Advanced and novel treatments like PRP, Stem Cell Transplant, Biocell Hair Growth Therapy, laser therapy are offered which have gained more popularity in the recent times.

Experts in our Research and Development center after great examination and study have come out with striking and advanced hair treatment products which are formulated using unique and natural hair loss prevention ingredients. These products are very safe for usage and are absolutely free from side effects. With all these, Vcare is the pioneer in treating the different hair related problems in India.

Vcare can treat people in whatever stage they enter the clinic. The sophisticated treatments, the infallible products, dedicated team all makes us superior and unparalleled. Vcare offers the best solution to all your hair problems that are safe and free from side effects.

Our thousands of happy customers made us to grow noticeably. Their encouragements and overwhelming responses made us to venture other domains that include MedSpa, Research and development, Education, Retail, etc. Click here to know about Vcare group.

People’s immense trust has given us additional responsibility to come out with more sophisticated and result oriented treatments and products. Vcare would work non-stop to satisfy customers in all manners and will consider every customer special and valuable.